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My Virtual Railroad

It is my purpose of that which makes a railroad as a total system a model being final. Vehicles and hardware such as a layout are thought of course the purpose of the timetable operation and the railroad construction and a software side such as demand for transport to want to become a model, too. It lets me introduce the virtual railroad which I am making a model in this section. There are various railroads in the different Orient, the West and the size of the scale, the management purpose, and so on. Please enjoy the time of the interval of the work and the housework by the trip of these virtual railroads.

Shimogawara Electric Railway

It is an electric railway which a line of about 10km to branch off from the Oiwake station of the National Railroad is put on for 20 minutes and to run freely. There is the Main line of the railroad line and the Asahiyama line of the orbit line. Models are N(1/150) and HOn3½ scale.

Mikawa Coalmine Railroad

It was built with a purpose of beginning to carry the coal discovered at the Uri pass which is close to the prefecture border of Aichi and Shizuoka. It is the non-electrical railroad of about 10km from the Tuzuki of the Futamata line to the Oku-Hirayamatanzan. Models are HOn3½ scale.

Mikawa Railway Superintendent Bureau

It is some of the organization of Japan Nitemax Railway. A charge area is the Shizuoka and Nagoya railway superintendent bureau of the Japanese National Railways. Models are N(1/150) and HOn3½ scale.

Union Pacific Railroad

Yellow locomotives, yellow freight and passenger cars, and huge steam locomotives etc. A prototype is until the first half for 1940 years fee and for 1960 years fee from the latter half of Union Pacific Railroad. Models are HO scale.

Rhein Bahn

It is the railroad of the meter gauge that it runs through the eastern line river of the Swiss Alps. Operation of vehicles is common by the affiliation of the narrowgauge railway Rhätische Bahn of the Switzerland. Models are HOm scale.

Donau Bahn

It is the railroad which has a network in Danube river basin of south Germany. As for the vehicles, all both logos and vehicles numbers are commonness in the Deutsche Bundesbahn and the same specifications. Models are HO and a N scale.

Rüdesheim Straßenbahn

It is the tramway of Rüdesheim city which Donau Bahn runs through. Models are HO scale.

Schweizerische Bundes Bahn

It is Schweizerische Bundesbahn. It is enjoying it easily only by vehicles around EpocIII to IV without area which is specially made a prototype. Models are HO and a N scale

Lavender Garten Bahn

It is a garden railroad as the name. However, the construction permission of the finished thing is not in the site bribery. Models are G(II) scale.

Model Railroading Club

It is difficult to make a big layout with single, and virtually just unacceptable to the general ordinary person. Even if it can be compared, it is a difficulty to drive a train freely, too. But, impossibility becomes possible when it cooperates with all. It lets me introduce the thing that I belong in this section in such a model group.


The Group ZUDEN is the group which loves a railroad model. "Operation Session of the HITCH" holding at the end of June is made main activities with the module production as a total system every year.


HOJC is a club which makes a HO scale Japanese prototype railroad model run and to enjoy. We are doing activities such as active dialog with a Web bulletin board with the participation in the operation session that a years time is held, and the joint operation meeting held in the east and west.


MTCC is gathering of modelrailroaders which has interest in the tramway. It is active around the operation typical of the road surface by the standardized combination orbit module, and the perfect digitization.

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