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Main Line Info Trial Production Station Main Line (DC1500V)
Asahiyama Line Info Main Line Main Line (DC 600V)
Asahiyama Line Asahiyama Line (DC 600V)


Main Line (1067mm / Non-Electrical→DC600V→DC1500V)

The Shimogawara Electric Railway is an electric railway which a line of about 10km to branch off from the Oiwake station of the National Railroad is put on for 20 minutes and to run freely. It is called "Shimo-Den", and it is familiar in the district.

The train which came out from the Oiwake station stops at the Tenjin-Shita stop. The track is laid in the form which crosses an approach to lead to the Tenjin shrine. A Tomimoto-Cho station is located in about the center of the line andit is a possible station as to the only exchange. Here are center facilities of Shimogawara town in the head office house of Shimogawara Electric Railway, the town office, and so on.

A branch line for the gravel picking to grow in the Nakagawara depot from here comes out, and the gravel collected in the Tama River is put on board.

It is a Kamigawara-Onsenguchi stop to stop subsequently. You must walk to Kamigawara spa village about 5 more km. An end is Yutakabashi station.

Shimogawara Electric Railway was named as the Shimogawara Gravel Railway at the time of the opening by the non-electrification. After that, though it was electrified, it was pole collection with DC600V. It has pressure up done by DC1500V, and it is pantograph collection at present.

Asahiyama Line (1372mm / DC600V)

An Asahiyama line was named as the Asahiyama Streetcar in the cause in the affiliated company of the Asahiyama Electric Orbit. It was purchased, and Shimogawara Electric Railway was renamed with the Asahiyama line after World War II. It is being called "a streetcar" in the district.

The Asahiyama line passes through the Asahiyama-Shijo station from the front of the Oiwake station of Japanese National Railway, and it runs through the central part of Asahiyama City, and leads to the Shimogawara stop in front of the Tomimoto-cho station. The line from Asahiyama-Shijo of the Asahiyama city to Higasi-Shinmachi of 6km is a combination orbit.

The track from the front of the Oiwake station to Asahiyama-Shijo shares an Asahiyama Electric orbit. This section is the combination orbit of rare dual gauge nationwide because an track gauge of Asahiyama Electric orbit is 1067mm and Asahiyama line is 1372mm.


Trial Production Station (1/150:9mm)

When a room couldn't be secured yet, I made the module of the junction of the Shimogawara Electric Railway and the Japanese National Railway in the size which went into the bookshelf. It is partly incomplete.

Main Lin (1/150:9mm)

It is the module that production was started for the new case for the "N line of JNR and Hanto Railway" project. As for the first term construction is between Oiwake and Tomimoto-cho,Nakagawara. And the second term construction is between Tomimoto-cho and Yutakabashi

Oiwake Station

Tenjin-Shita Stop

Tomimoto-Cho Station

Nakagawara Depot

Asahiyama Line (1/80:16.5mm)

Still it is design cycle.

Roling Stock

Main Line (DC1500V) (1/150:9mm)

The vehicles after it is changed from pole collection to pantograph are being made a model.

Electric Locomotive

Electric Locomotive

De-Ha 100
Electric Motor Coach

De-Ha 150
Electric Motor Coach

Series 200 - De-ha 200
Electric Motor Coach

Series 200 - Ku-Ha 250
Driving Trailer Coach

Main Line (DC600V)(HOn=1/87:12mm)

The place Shimogawara Gravel Railway age of the non-electrification makes Shimogawara Electric Railway immediately after it is electrified a model by the HO scale. All motive power unit are equipped with the Digital Command Control decoder.

2-4-2 Steam Locomotive

4-4-0 Steam Locomotive

0-4-0 Electric Locomotive

De-Ha 20
Electric Motor Coach

Ha 50
Trailer Coach

Asahiyama Line(1/80:16.5mm)

Vehicle for the Asahiyama line set a gauge at 16.5mm to have an operation meeting with the street car lover. Of course all the car are DCC specifications.

Series 500 - No.501

Series 550 - No.555

Series 600 - No.601

Series 610 - No.612

Series 620 - No.621

Series 625 - No.625

Series 630 - No.633

Series 650 - No.651
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